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Hi Karen, Probably not all that surprising. If your levels of vitamin B12 were so low, your metabolic rate (which is the rate that you burn energy) was probably very low, and so you were not generating a lot of heat yourself. Now you are having vitamin B12, your mitochondria (the little power-houses in the cell) are able to function faster and they generate the heat. You have probably got used to being colder and so now you feel hotter as your metabolic rate is higher. It is a good sign, it means that the VB12 is working.


Karen – my levels are awfully low, much like yours – was wondering how you are feeling now and have you had a follow up check on your B12 levels? If you could let me know on how you brought your levels up that would be great. Hope you get to feeling better!

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mandie says

hiya, ive been told today that my b12 test has came back low at 168. ive goto have 6 injections in two weeks and one every three months after that. ive got a lot of neurological problems and have recently been put on 150 mg of b2 for glutaric aciduria type 2. ive also been on 5mg of b9 for past 5 or so years. is it just a coincidence that im on 3 different b vitamins or is it all related. i havent got a clue. thanks

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Oh, that sounds bad, you must be worried. You may have to educate your doctor a bit. All of us have had to do it. Try to find out what type of vitamin B12 he/she is going to inject. If you can get hydroxocobalamin good, but cyanocobalamin is not what you want. Do you know why you are deficient. Is it whatyou eat,or is it some of the genetic problems that so many people on the site have? You will work out that you need to know. Do you know if you are deficient in anything else?


Recently a doctor I have been seeing has recommended I supplement with B12, I am sure based on an elevated MCV of 101. I have been taking a supplement (2 per day) for at least 18-24 months that includes 50mg B6, 5mg Folic Acid, 1000mcg B12 (methylcobalamine) and Betaine HCL 500mg. I have also exhibited B12 deficiency symptoms, ie. fatigue, memory issues, lack of motivation, numb fingers (recently). The doctor making this recommendation is addressing hormonal issues of note, as I am hypothyroid and my hormones are out of balance so I am taking bioidentical progesterone, estrogen, cortisol and thyroid to address these issues. I am not close to the optimal dose for my thyroid yet which I thought was the main issue causing fatigue. Anyway, I am wondering if I am not absorbing the B12 that i have taken for the past year and a half. I recently started taking a sublingual B12 supplement that is cyanocobalamin to see if I have positive results. Otherwise, I would like to try the methylcobalamine, (have found Jarrow 5mg) but after reading this blog, I am concerned about supplements that should be taken with this form of B12. Are Folic Acid and B6 the supplements that I should take along with this form of B12? If I take the methylcobalamine sublingual, would it be sufficient to take the Folic Acid and B6 orally as long as I take them concurrently? I would appreciate your comment on this.

I love your website! It is refreshing to find medical information that makes sense. I feel affirmed in my own conclusions after looking at the evidence of my own issues. Keep up the good work!

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Fig. 1.

Tm is the only ER stressor that induces fatty liver. (A,B) Representative images of 5-dpf larvae treated for 48 hours with DMSO, BFA, Tg or Tm at the indicated concentrations. (A) Live transgenic larvae were imaged. (B) Fixed larvae were stained for neutral lipids with Oil Red O. Livers are circled. (C) Larvae treated with DMSO, 1 and 2 μg/ml BFA, 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75 μM Tg or 1 μg/ml Tm from 3–5 dpf were stained with Oil Red O and scored for the presence (black bars) or absence (white bars) of steatosis. The total number of larvae scored and the number of clutches are indicated. **<0.01, ***<0.0001, calculated using Fisher’s exact test. Scale bars: 200 μm (A), 1 mm (B).

Tm inhibits DPAGT1 ( Eckert et al., 1998 ; Lehrman et al., 1988 ), the enzyme required for linking dolichol to the oligosaccharide that serves as a precursor for N-linked glycosylation ( Lehrman, 1991 ), causing hypoglycosylated proteins to accumulate in the ER. The maximal tolerable Tm dose for exposing 3–5 dpf larvae was 1.5 μg/ml ( supplementary material Fig. S1E ). Efficacy was determined using Tg(−3.5fabp10a:gc-EGFP) lri500 transgenic zebrafish, which express a secreted glycoprotein, vitamin D-binding protein (Gc), fused to enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) under the hepatocyte-specific fabp10 promoter ( Xie et al., 2010 ). We assessed the glycosylation status of Gc-EGFP by immunoblotting with anti-GFP: the fully glycosylated form of Gc-EGFP migrated at 90 kDa and a hypoglycosylated, faster migrating moiety was detected in fish treated with Tm and in control lysates treated with peptide- N -glycosidase (PNGase) to remove all glycans ( Asymmetric Organzapaneled Wool And Silkblend Dress Red Dion Lee B8GfKL
). Importantly, neither BFA nor Tg impaired Gc-EGFP glycosylation ( supplementary material Fig. S1F ) and none of the stressors significantly affected total Gc-EGFP expression ( supplementary material Fig. S1F,G ). These data illustrate both Tm efficacy and show that any effects caused by Tg or BFA treatment cannot be attributed to a secondary effect of blocking N-glycosylation, consistent with findings in mammalian cells ( Womens Striped OpenBack Dress Brock Collection QtwLiHT3

We analyzed larvae treated with each stressor from 3–5 dpf for gross morphology and liver size and shape using transgenic fish that express red fluorescent protein (RFP) in hepatocytes [ Tg(fabp10:RFP) ] ( Short Pendant Test Pattern II by VIDA VIDA FeNOxyyV9G
) and steatosis incidence by Oil Red O staining ( Wrapeffect Silk Halterneck Midi Dress Black Rick Owens 0UPttETWuS
). All stressors caused similar gross morphological defects, including slight liver enlargement, failure to inflate their swim bladder and moderate reduction in head and eye size, although larvae treated with 0.75 μg/ml Tg appeared more severely affected than those treated with Tm or BFA ( Fig. 1A ).

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