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Upon select, the polymorphic union produces a query like this:

SELECT AS pjoin_id, AS pjoin_name, pjoin.type AS pjoin_type, pjoin.manager_data AS pjoin_manager_data, pjoin.engineer_info AS pjoin_engineer_info FROM ( SELECT AS id, AS name, CAST(NULL AS VARCHAR(50)) AS manager_data, CAST(NULL AS VARCHAR(50)) AS engineer_info, 'employee' AS type FROM employee UNION ALL SELECT AS id, AS name, manager.manager_data AS manager_data, CAST(NULL AS VARCHAR(50)) AS engineer_info, 'manager' AS type FROM manager UNION ALL SELECT AS id, AS name, CAST(NULL AS VARCHAR(50)) AS manager_data, engineer.engineer_info AS engineer_info, 'engineer' AS type FROM engineer ) AS pjoin

The above UNION query needs to manufacture “NULL” columns for each subtable in order to accommodate for those columns that aren’t members of that particular subclass.

The concrete mappings illustrated thus far show both the subclasses as well as the base class mapped to individual tables. In the concrete inheritance use case, it is common that the base class is not represented within the database, only the subclasses. In other words, the base class is “abstract”.

Normally, when one would like to map two different subclasses to individual tables, and leave the base class unmapped, this can be achieved very easily. When using Declarative, just declare the base class with the __abstract__ indicator:

Above, we are not actually making use of SQLAlchemy’s inheritance mapping facilities; we can load and persist instances of Manager and Engineer normally. The situation changes however when we need to query polymorphically , that is, we’d like to emit session.query(Employee) and get back a collection of Manager and Engineer instances. This brings us back into the domain of concrete inheritance, and we must build a special mapper against Employee in order to achieve this.

query polymorphically

Mappers can always SELECT

In SQLAlchemy, a mapper for a class always has to refer to some “selectable”, which is normally a Women 549002 Ama143 Moccasins Waldlufer qZUiyInx
but may also refer to any object as well. While it may appear that a “single table inheritance” mapper does not map to a table, these mappers in fact implicitly refer to the table that is mapped by a superclass.

To modify our concrete inheritance example to illustrate an “abstract” base that is capable of polymorphic loading, we will have only an engineer and a manager table and no employee table, however the Employee mapper will be mapped directly to the “polymorphic union”, rather than specifying it locally to the Brotential Leather Shoe Kenneth Cole Reaction REkYewSfig

@Mike S. @Greg Thank you both for your informative advice. I’m getting my next injection tomorrow, So I will speak to my doctor about all of what you mentioned then.

I also have another inquiry. Initially when my symptoms began, I was away at university so I visited the doctor down there. She did sensory tests etc, and ordered blood tests as she suspected it could be an issue with B12. I was told to make an appointment in a week to check back for results. Long story short I never got the results. I had horrible trouble getting them back due to an incompetent receptionist. She kept telling me she would get someone to call me with results, which never happened, she also told me they couldn’t give the results to my own GP back home, unless he requested for them in writing.

Anyway after that I went away for a month at the start of the summer and symptoms persisted. When I returned I went straight to my GP at home, explained the previous situation and asked for more blood tests and a B12 check. Low and behold I was badly deficient. Now, what I’m wondering is had I left it longer, lets say I didn’t bother getting more bloods done after not getting the first set back, would everything have gotten worse? I’m just really angry at my University’s health center and the treatment I received.

Is it serious enough to actually pursue action over? Just looking for opinions. Thank you again. Everyone here is so helpful.


Hi Jessie, we do helpful, but probably not legal. The main thing it that you now know that you are VB12 deficient, presumably through your diet. The most important thing is to get your levels up and get them to stay up. You would almost certainly have got worse. So now you should aim to get way above 300 pmol/L and keep it up. Being low you will probably have done considerable sub-clinical damage to your nerves (particularly in the brain) and you have to get your levels up to repair this damage. Next thing is to spread the word and help educate those around you. Hopefully then the medical profession will listen. Our calculation suggests that up to 20% of the population is sub-clinically deficient. That is without the contribution of the MTHFR population. Despite this people are still taking ant-acids, products for GORD, metformin and similar drugs. B12 levels are not routinely checke in women before, during and after pregnancy, despite the evidence that VB12 deficiency is as bad for the fetus as folate deficiency.

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Trace V says

it has been very informative reading all these comments.. i would like to know if anyone can suggest something to do if the b12 level is low 79 and there is an allergy to b12 (cobolt)… i once had a b12 shot and had such a bad allergic reaction. i knew i was allergic but needed some relief from the symptoms. thanks.

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